Series 10 Minifigures to contain rare gold minifigs

The London Toy Fair revealed that the Series 10 Minifigures will contain 5,000 gold minifigs randomly distributed across the world. Sounds interesting, what do you think?

Minifigures "Gold" Info

17 comments on “Series 10 Minifigures to contain rare gold minifigs

  1. CarsonHart

    Sounds like a really cool idea! Nice incentive to get people to buy the minifigures. I want a gold one!

  2. wunztwice

    I would still like to know if the gold figures are going to be a gold version of one of the 16 different figs from the series, or a different fig.

  3. kurtasbestos

    I like the part where it says that they will include a unique code that “kids” can log on the website. How many of those kids will be under the age of 25?

    Also, I wish LEGO didn’t release a new series of these expensive and hard-to-find (in my country) figures what seems like every other month.

  4. Sjaacko

    It says:”In addition to the 16 unique characters”…
    I conclude it will be a different new fig other than the 16 of the series.
    But I could have misread or misinterpreted the sentence.
    Let’s hope some of the 5000 will reach the Netherlands and I might find one! LOL. It will be a needle in a haystack IMHO if you would be lucky to find one.

  5. AK_brickster

    I think that if you find one, you should win a trip to visit the Lego factory to see how everything is made. Similar to “Willy Wonka”

  6. wyldjedi

    The collector part of me loves this idea, but for the most part, I am tired of Lego turning so many new minifigures into some hard to find special edition. From the San Diego Comic-con Marvel and DC figs, to the TMNT NY Rockefeller giveaway, and Star wars and all the others. I don’t mind some figures being available only on an expensive set but this constant ‘limited edition’ minifigure stuff is one of the things that feels so gimmicky. I got very tired of this with comic books and I feel sad to see Lego doing it.

  7. crgennaro

    I agree with the above post. I don’t think this is a good idea at all. 5,000 is not enough, and soon those lucky few will hiking up prices on ebay, and the loyal completists will be the ones that suffer.

    At least with a 150 dollar set, I get something for my money. When I spend $200 on ebay for a single mini-figure, I just feel used.

  8. crgennaro

    Oh, and the idea that any of the 5,000 will wind up with kids under the age of 25 is laughable. Would you let your kids play with a $200 minifigure? I have two kids and I most certainly would not.

    The person who came up with this idea has been watching too much Willy Wonka, and clearly has no appreciation for parents who try their best to do right by their kids (which does not include spending the rent on a mini-figure)

  9. Xenomurphy

    I agree with crgennaro and wyldjedi.
    TLG claims to be a company that produces toys for kids. Thanks to the first CMFs and the SDCC figs, they know about the true value of seldom figs and take advantage of this knowledge, ignoring their company codex.

    At least this time they don’t constrain the chances of getting a special fig to one city or continent.

    I also think the golden fig will be one of the 16 figs, not a different one. Otherwise people would be able to “feel” one to easily.

  10. Chris

    Ya, I hope that the special gold figure is simply a gold-plated version of one of the 16. Otherwise all AFOLs and treasure-hunters will feel compelled to sort through every box they come across, instead of just getting the selection they want and leaving it at that.

  11. brandino

    Whenever I have kids, I’d let them play with a chrome gold mini-figure. But then again, I don’t collect the minifigs. So I have a different view on the matter.

  12. Eric at A Lego A Day

    I’m sure how I feel about this. I was totally against the limited edition Superhero figures because only show attendees had a shot at them. I know it’s a long shot to get these golden figures, but at least I have the same chance as everyone else.

    If the golden minifig is one of the 16, as soon as we determine which one, people will feel for that one and make it extremely hard to find even the regular version. The only way to avoid people feeling them out is to make gold versions of all 16, but I don’t think that will be the case. I’m guessing it will be a 17th figure.

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