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New Minifigs from Michael Jasper

I seem to have missed the last couple updates Michael Jasper has made to his wonderful Characters gallery, so let’s get caught up. First off, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (in honor of his 250th birthday today):

Next, St. Francis of Assisi (with some birds) and Oskar Matzerath (from Günther Grass’ novel The Tin Drum):


I was honestly a bit disappointed that the New Year’s LEGO creations by Japanese builders didn’t include any mochi-pounding scenes. A really fun New Year’s tradition I remember is to make hand-made mochi (rice cakes). You put a special type of sticky rice in a wooden pestle and literally pound it with a giant wooden mallet. It’s pretty awesome.

Thankfully, mumu’s wife has built a cute little mochi-pounding scene, complete with the mochi-pounding rabbit from the Moon*:

*Where westerners see a face in the Moon, Japanese people see a rabbit pounding mochi.

Japanese Proverb Vignettes “Na” through “Ho”

As regular readers of Pan-Pacific Bricks and VignetteBricks already know, Izzo has been posting LEGO vignettes based on Japanese proverbs. So far, Izzo has posted 30 vignettes on his Web site and in two Brickshelf galleries. I’ve translated the first twenty, and am genuinely looking forward to the next thirty. How do I know there are going to be thirty more? Izzo is posting the proverb vignettes in hiragana order, and there are approximately fifty hiragana characters.

So let’s get started with the next ten, shall we? :-)

Japanese: A bee to a crying face.
English: Misfortunes never come alone. / When it rains, it pours.

Japanese/English: He who runs after two hares will catch neither.

Japanese: Millet with wet hands.
English:Like taking candy from a baby. / Easy money.

Japanese: Wearing a cat.
English: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Japanese/English: There’s luck in leftovers. (“Luck” sounds the same as “clothing,” so there’s a pun in this one as well.)

Japanese: Dumplings rather than flowers.
English: Function before form. / Better fill a man’s belly than his eye.

Japanese: Beauty and luck seldom go together.
English: The fairest flowers soonest fade.

Japanese/English: Candle in the wind. (To have one’s life hang by a thread.)

Japanese/English: He that shoots oft, at last shall hit the mark.

Japanese: If you’re in love, travelling a thousand miles seems like only one mile.
English: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

My Norse Minifigs Featured on Adorablog

Catching up on my cuteness fix, I clicked over to Adorablog from Cute Overload and found my Norse gods and goddesses featured in a post earlier this month, along with some great minifigs by fellow LEGO blogger minifig. Here’s the link to the Adorablog post:

Very cool. It would seem that no matter how fierce you try to make your divine minifigs, little LEGO deities are always just plain adorable.

Wiki, wiki everywhere!

I blogged previously about BrickWiki, the community-developed LEGO encyclopedia. If you know something about LEGO, or you’re just a good editor or writer, consider contributing to BrickWiki. Here’s the Web address:

One of BrickWiki’s guidelines is that you don’t create content promoting yourself or your own Web site. Given that the best person to describe a LEGO site is its administrator, this guideline (a generally good idea) prevents BrickWiki from having a comprehensive link list of LEGO-related Web sites.

That’s where Wiki-Brick-Links comes in. Started by Klas Schöldström, whose Duplo blog I highlighted previously, Wiki-Brick-Links has the potential to be a more comprehensive link collection than BrickWiki’s list of (major) sites. Here’s the Web address for Wiki-Brick-Links:

(A link to W-B-L also appears under “LEGO Resources” in the navigation bar on the right.)

Hoffman and Tanzarian

Names: Dirk Hoffman and Greg Tanzarian
Occupation: Vice cops (circa 1976).
Interests: Kickin’ a__ and takin’ names. Fast cars. Loose change. Slow walks on the beach. Hard drinks. Soft hands. Blowin’ s___ up.
Typical day: Wake up at noon. Bust an international heroin-smuggling ring. Pay off an informant with confiscated drug money. Interrogate a couple of hippies. Cruise around in the Chevelle. Bust a local kitten-smuggling ring. Hit the discotheque.