Wiki, wiki everywhere!

I blogged previously about BrickWiki, the community-developed LEGO encyclopedia. If you know something about LEGO, or you’re just a good editor or writer, consider contributing to BrickWiki. Here’s the Web address:

One of BrickWiki’s guidelines is that you don’t create content promoting yourself or your own Web site. Given that the best person to describe a LEGO site is its administrator, this guideline (a generally good idea) prevents BrickWiki from having a comprehensive link list of LEGO-related Web sites.

That’s where Wiki-Brick-Links comes in. Started by Klas Schöldström, whose Duplo blog I highlighted previously, Wiki-Brick-Links has the potential to be a more comprehensive link collection than BrickWiki’s list of (major) sites. Here’s the Web address for Wiki-Brick-Links:

(A link to W-B-L also appears under “LEGO Resources” in the navigation bar on the right.)