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Wacky racers, unite!

We feature a lot of Serious LEGO Models™ here on TBB, with spaceships and mechs and fantasy dioramas. But sometimes it’s fun to just cut loose and celebrate the zany, and this Wheel-o-zoom by Nikita Nikolsky is the perfect antidote to the serious. Piloted by a crazy character mashed together from the Trolls theme who features a flower hat, the bright racer reminds me of LEGO’s various racer themes from the early 2000s, and the brilliant photo editing sells it. Despite being a completely ludicrous design, it’s still got loads of good techniques, from the side panels made of shield tiles to the Bionicle Tohunga feet as front axles. My favorite detail though? That purple wing from the Electro Throwbot hiding near the back. I haven’t seen one of those used on a model in ages.


That nefarious man and his flying machine

GunnBuilding‘s latest LEGO offering is a celebration of one of Cartoon history’s great duo’s, Dastardly and Mutley. Faithfully representing their Wacky Racer The Mean Machine, GunnBuilding’s captured every odd angle that the beloved vehicle features from its fin above the cockpit, using a dragon wing to great effect, through to the tiny out of proportion wheels, down to the engine which is delightfully reimagined in LEGO here.

Team 00

And let’s not forget the stars of the show here, the design of Dastardly is perfect with his purple coat and racer’s hat and angry, scheming expression whilst Mutley is ready with a stick of dynamite ready for their next nefarious scheme…