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Beware this brilliant biting LEGO botanical

I think this ferocious floral fright by Woomy World is just jealous it didn’t get included in the LEGO Botanical Collection 10329 Tiny Plants set, scheduled for release on December 1st. That would explain the sneer it’s rocking in the shot below, but it could also be the spiky shield pieces from the Hero Factory series crafted into that toothy visage. In fact, the whole creation is brimming with Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, leading to a very natural look and a dark, sinewy stem.

Scarlet Snapper

Bring something edible to the picnic or end up being the picnic

This poor little fly is about to end up being the picnic instead of just going to a picnic. Toddrick (B.D.) created a lovely build using a lot of black pieces to create the fly and the Venus flytrap. They also incorporated a lot of theme-specific bricks that all deserve a quick mention. So let’s go! It is very nice to see the Fabuland basket again. I like how detailed it is considering its age. Inside it is a Belville skirt and an apple. For the eyes of the fly Clickits icons have been used.

The Picnic

The Venus flytrap also contains a lot of weird parts. Let’s start with the leaves at the base, which are made out of Hero Factory cocoon petals, the flower petals are made out of Belville flower petals and the Venus flytrap head is made from the Ninjago Overlord dragon jaw and head. All and all the weird parts add the much-needed pops of color in this otherwise very black creation. This build definitely deserves a quick zoom so you can distinguish all the funky black parts used in the fly and the Venus flytrap.