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Set your eyes on this classic ‘60s dragster

If you’ve followed builder Tim Henderson for any length of time, you’ve probably guessed he’s a car guy. Tim’s latest build pays homage to Dean Moon, founder of the Moon Equipment brand of racing equipment and accessories. This bright yellow dragster was built by Moon in 1961 and has remained a sort of mascot of the company ever since. Tim’s done an amazing job of recreating the vehicle in minifigure scale, making excellent use of a Legends of Chima hammerhead as the engine. And replicating the “Mooneyes” logo on the side of his Ford Econoline van to haul it is the perfect finishing touch.

Moon Equipment drag race outfit

It’s van life for me

Vans may be trending mostly out of style these days as far as new vehicles go, but no one can deny the inherent cool factor of a sweet custom van, like this awesome LEGO Ford Econoline by Tim Henderson. Despite it’s nearly perfect minifigure scale, it’s got a great brick-built paint scheme with white and lime green swooshes on the side that offset the blue. Plus those headlights, made from the bottoms of 1×1 tooth plates, are just fantastic.

Custom Ford Econoline

I’ll fix your (Little Red) Wagon

LEGO car builder Tim Henderson tells us that awhile ago he had built a version of the Little Red Wagon. It must have been met with very little fanfare because our archives don’t even reveal a blip. But now he has reworked the old build using newer parts and techniques and not only is this iconic 1964 Dodge A100 wheelie-stander on our radars but you’re digging it now too. That’s the power of The Brothers Brick. We find cool stuff. We share it with you. You get excited. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. After rinsing off there you might want to check out a few other vehicles we went totally gaga for.

Little Red Wagon