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Stolen Spyrius Technology

Back in 1994, the LEGO Space Police had to deal with one of their most challenging foes in the form of SPYRIUS, an intergalactic band of espionage agents who specialized in stealing the technology of more peaceful citizens in the United Galaxies Space Council. Now, in 2021, Spyrius has finally gotten a taste of their own medicine thanks to builder Moppo!, who has managed to steal some technology from Spyrius and used it to create this custom LEGO creation, a modern update on the Saucer Scout.

Spyrius Saucer Scout

This version of the vehicle is larger, but it hasn’t lost the feel of a smaller ship perfect for recon missions. It’s still got those perpendicular engines, ready to blast the ship off in any direction, in case it needs to make a quick getaway from Space Police patrol ships in the area. The pops of lime green near the cockpit are a great compliment to the traditional red and black color scheme. And, of course, it’s not a real Spyrius set without that trademark printed tile.

Take a leaf from the Spyrius manual – fly it like you stole it

From 1994-1996 various factions and organisations throughout space fell victim to Spyrius — villainous thieves whose vessels sported a distinctive red and black livery. Spaceruner has taken inspiration from some classic LEGO sci-fi sets to build an impressive new flagship for this sinister bunch of space-bandits. The iconic colours are in place, including the signature trans-blue windows and canopies, but the size of this craft is on a whole different scale from the official Spyrius sets.

LEGO spaceship with hangar bays

This beast of a model is 155 studs long — that’s 1.25m. The size is put to great use, allowing the builder space to develop a detailed interior. The vessel has all the facilities you’d expect of a flagship craft, including hangar bays, control bridge, canteen and galley, offices, and even a pool. The ship’s upper surfaces can be lifted clear to allow access to the internal sections…

LEGO spaceship control bridge

However, despite the quality of the interior, it’s the colours and external shaping which marks this out as a striking addition to the villainous fleet. Take a look at these views from different angles which give a good look at the impressive engines and, my favourite part, the asymmetric domed section mounted on the craft’s left flank…

LEGO spaceship

Two-foot tall LEGO Spyrius mega robot is ready to crush all enemies

Who remembers Spyrius? It was a small LEGO space theme released in 1994, and featured red and black wheeled mechs piloted by droids and humans. Builder Spaceruner has created a new supreme commander for the Spyrius legions, in the form of a mighty mech named Behemoth. This giant robot of doom stands nearly two feet tall (56cm) and can crush all who stand in its way with its 10-wheel drive.

RX1 - Behemoth

Clearly, Spaceruner’s Behemoth takes its design cues from the official 6949 Robo-Guardian set, and just like that set, the Behemoth is loaded with play features. Spaceruner intended this model to be played with, not to collect dust on a shelf. He’s built the model around an extra sturdy Technic frame designed to withstand the rigors of play, and I already want to drive it through a Unitron monorail like some giant space robot Godzilla. If the outside is impressive, though, just wait til you see what Spaceruner has packed inside. Continue reading