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Can androids skateboard?

It’s fascinating the stories that can be told with nothing more than a little LEGO scene. Abe Fortier (Hypolite Bricks) tosses us into a not-so-distant future with this dystopian look at life in a cyberpunk construction. The decay of the concrete is superb, especially when coupled with the small vegetation breaking through the cracks. The details in the general clutter on the street are wonderful, including the pair of arcade games and the duo of vending machines next to the stairs. But most of all, I love the androids Abe has created here. They use some printed 1×1 tiles to convey such expressive feelings. It reminds me of some TV-faced robos from pop culture like Prince Robot IV from Saga or Mr. House’s security force from Fallout: New Vegas. More than anything else in the creation, they really bring the dystopia home for me!

LEGO Cyberpunk Skate Shop

Time for some serious shredding

Radical! School is over for the day so it’s off to the skate park, as seen in this LEGO creation by Chi Hsin Wei.

Tribute to youth-Skateboarding

What’s not to love about this? From the kid poppin’ an ollie to the stair rail grind, everything about this super rad. I especially like the detail given to the individual skateboarders. The pink socks on the girl are fantastic, as are the Converse high tops on the kid in the air. Perhaps the best part of this, however, is the ghetto blaster at the base of the stairs. For those of us who used to rule the concrete slopes, no skate session is complete without some fresh beats.

From the origins of shred

During the 1950s, the now-prolific Jim Phillips designed the Screaming Hand image, which later in 1985 became the instantly recognisable logo for the well-known Santa Cruz Skateboards company. With impeccable attention to scale and detail, LEGO builder Brick Flag brings this true icon of skateboarding culture to the Brick. As a builder with a history of skateboarding, I too have attempted to build this gnarly skate totem, though with much less success than this great representation. The colour scheme for such a depiction is pretty unavoidable, though the dark azure is utterly prefect for such a build. The part selection has been superbly chosen considering the limited piece pallet available.

Screaming Hand

The Screaming Hand has represented hardcore skaters practically the world over for around 35 years, and this LEGO creation has done it justice in many ways. Before we go into its details, take a moment to observe the similarities when held against the original. The shaping has been achieved beautifully, considering the form and function of the human hand. Yet the I can still hear a ripple through the readers/builder at home, lamenting the colour selection for the ball joint and socket modified plates, which are sadly only produced in greys.

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