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Stop by this upgraded R.V. for a little R&R

Pan Noda just wowed us with a pair of houses traveling on sneakers, but now they’ve gone the other direction and made a mobile camper into a more permanent domicile. This busted RV has been upgraded with a ramshackle second and third story to become the perfect wilderness estate. There’s lots to do, from enjoying a meal around the campfire, to hanging the laundry on the roof, or playing on the world’s most precarious swing. For our younger readers, the mismatched colors and patchwork construction might call to mind the Weasley’s Burrow, but I’m reminded of the junkyard home of The Cadillac Cats from Heathcliff… You know, Hector, Wordsworth, and Mungo? No? Ugh, you kids today. No respect for the classics.

RV house

An extra-mobile home

Ah, the joys of the great outdoors! Nothing like getting out on the road at the weekend with your caravan in-tow. Or, you could take a leaf out of Markus Rollbühler‘s book and take your caravan off-road and into previously inaccessible territory with this insane van-bearing walker setup! This bonkers LEGO creation is wonderful — packed full of nice little building touches. Check out the whips as pneumatic cables, the smart little camping chair, and the shaping on the caravan itself. And there’s a great balance of colour going on in the composition too, with the dark green legs providing a lovely contrast to the pale blue caravan.

Unusual LEGO Mecha