Baba Yaga? More like Baba Yeezys

You might have heard of Baba Yaga – a witch of eastern European folklore, who famously lived in a house that walked on chicken legs. Pan Noda has built a walking hut sporting a more modern choice of footwear — look at those sneakers! Whatever witch or wizard lives here certainly has taste. Perhaps they’re travelling long distances and don’t want their home getting sore feet. Either way, they’re certainly practically minded: The outhouse has been granted a pair of legs as well; I guess it means less plumbing to worry about. Even the mail box has walking appendages! This mobile home family is full of character, and with little context for the build we’re free to imagine our own fantastical story for them. Personally I like to think they’ve escaped from a Far Side comic strip – the whole scene is quite Larson-esque!