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Spending quarantine in outer space

I think everyone can agree that when lockdown started last year, it was the best time to get out our LEGO bricks and start building. I mean, what better things are there to do? You might as well build something big like a spaceship! That’s what Italian builder Tommaso Ferrarese did, with his aptly named FR2020 Quarantine.

FR2020 Quarantine

This spaceship consists of over 4000 pieces in Classic Space colours, and is suited for prolonged voyages in the distant reaches of space. The double large windscreen gives the two pilots plenty of social distancing room to spend a long time in isolation. The two massive engines have enough fuel to last… however long lockdown goes for. I certainly wouldn’t mind spending lockdown inside this ship, as long as I have some LEGO pieces to build with!

Check out some more spaceship creations that people built during lockdown!

Build your office at home

With most of the corporate world working from home these days, it’s easy to miss the cubicle life. You can reminisce about the good old days with this LEGO creation from Tiago Catarino.

LEGO Cubicle

I love the curved desk and the drawers next to the chair. Minimalist is the word that comes to mind in describing how Tiago was able to cram in so many details with so much subtlety. I can’t help but smile at the crooked sticky note. One thing is for sure, when I get out of quarantine and continue working on a scale model of my office, this cubicle is certainly going to be there.

If you’d like to build your own office cubicle, Tiago has provided us the instructions on his YouTube channel.

And I thought meetings at work were bad

I saw this LEGO scene by Midwest_Builders and just had to chuckle. A month ago the humor might have been missed but as many of us are now working remotely, we have more virtual meetings. During video conferences, I’ve seen some very relaxed dress and grooming standards on behalf of my co-workers. Hair got frizzier, dye-jobs are fading, bags under eyes got baggier. Week after week I’m watching my co-workers age and, in some cases put on weight, right before my eyes. And that’s not to mention how I must look during video conferences. Miles O’Connor here is trying to hold a Zoom meeting with his associates Jimmy Plate, and Morgan Greebles but weeks of quarantine have made everyone a little crazy. Jimmy is shirtless and chugging a beer while Morgan is having a bit of a tinkle. And while Miles seems the most put-together, his baby has interrupted the meeting riding on the doggy.

Conference Call Faux Pas

Child and dog interruptions are bound to happen with home conferences but let’s hope we can at least keep our shirts on. And for the sake of our sanity, stay the heck out of the bathroom during conference calls. Please.