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M:Tron – delivering to a galaxy near you soon

The M:Tron range of LEGO Space sets released back in 1990 never made any bones about the utilitarian  nature of its magnet-laden fleet. It was all about finding innovative ways of lifting and moving its precious equipment cases around the galaxy.  Tim Goddard, whose space work has become a regular feature here on TBB, has really run with this idea of transportation.  He asks, how do you deploy your beautifully built M:Tron mech to the planet surface?  With the M:Tron Pod of course.


Having had a close-up look at this build at Bricktastic earlier this year, I was mightily impressed by the lengths Tim had gone to, to make his Pod hexagonal.  Of course it also has a fully functional hatch mechanism. Like so much of his work, it’s a splendidly detailed homage to one the LEGO Group’s most-loved themes.

POD opening

LEGO Star Wars 5005376 Darth Vader Pod [Review]

The highly anticipated Darth Vader Pod has finally been released. LEGO fans were quite disappointed after it was initially canceled last year for the Christmas period due to manufacturing issues. Since then, we’ve known that the pod’s unique feature is its metallic/chrome-based finish, which drove up the hype when LEGO announced that it was back again for this month’s promotional giveaway. Was it worth the wait? Let’s take a closer look at this sought after polybag.

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Pods r us

Anyone following my flickr account will know I posted this LEGO repair pod a few days ago. But, thanks to a) the arrival of my new lightbox and b) my rediscovery of Kerouac’s account I figured the time was right for a posting. re. a) I was finally inspired enough by TR’s light tent fun to buy one myself.

Repair Pod

As for b)… the ultimate LEGO pods ever were made by Kerouac way back in time. These may have been blogged before but are worthy of reblogging by virtue of their awesomeness. If I could make a pod half this good I’d consider myself a winner.