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Stone Pinocchio still wants to be a real boy

Dan Ko reimagines the story of Pinocchio but then in stone bricks instead of wood. Well, really it’s LEGO bricks of stone, but you get the idea! The little stone mason has been quite busy creating a lot of rocky statues. The main figure is the one of a little boy that is told to come alive by magic. However the other two statues in the picture really deserve to be highlighted too. The dragon is amazing and the figurehead is quite exceptional as well. Dan also created a lot of different hammers and tools the stone mason uses to craft his exceptional sculptures.

An Unexpected Request

I like Pinocchio and I can not lie

Actually, I lied a little but I don’t feel my nose growing just yet so I think I’m in the clear. If I were to rank the things I like I would have to concur with Sir Mix-a-Lot and place my affinity for big butts in a tier higher than that of Pinocchio. But, BUTT still this LEGO Pinocchio bust (not butt) by Rokan Cheung is (you other brothers can’t deny) pretty legit. His little pal Jimminy Cricket has got it going on, too. I like it enough to at least check out what else Rokan has done and I’m pretty impressed, I must say. Here’s a few other busts we featured earlier including a Toy Story pair by this same builder.

Pinocchio in LEGO Helmet style!!