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A different kind of office

This scene might have a table and chair, paper and writing utensils, but it’s still different from the stereotypical view of a modern office. This architect’s office by Anthony SÉJOURNÉ is equipped with everything a master draftsman needs, and more — it really is what every architect needs for their planning and design.

Lego architect office - atana studio

The table is simple, but really well built, with gray pieces added to dark tan with structural as well as aesthetic benefits. I love the carefully cluttered snack cupboard and the chair, which has more details than it reveals at first sight. Overall, the creation benefits greatly from the slightly larger than minifig scale, at which brick thicknesses and all minifig utensils become less disproportionate than they are in a regular minifigure’s hands.

Bruce Lowell: Staple of the LEGO community

If the creation below doesn’t have you quoting Milton from the movie Office Space, then there’s something wrong with you! After seeing an earlier stapler design by Jimmy Fortel, the amazingly talented Bruce Lowell decided to adapt it to take advantage of the fact that LEGO bucket handles are now available in gray.

Fun movie fact: Originally, Swingline never made red staplers. The movie’s makers had to paint one red. But after the movie’s success, so many people bugged Swingline about it that they eventually did started producing red ones!

If you’re not familiar with Bruce’s work – which focuses on realistic versions of everyday objects – then you really need to check it out. To get you started, here is a tasty roundup of some of the things that Bruce produced over this past summer:


(…no, I’m not suggesting Koala’s are tasty; but I have tried barbequed Kangaroo, and it was delicious!)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of being pushed around. Aren’t you?

Peter takes a stand at Initech in this vignette by Duane Hess (Legozilla):

LEGO Office Space

Now how about a red LEGO stapler?