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Some buzz-worthy air travel

I’ve got to say, the latest LEGO build by Mr Youm is pretty fly…or rather, is a pretty fly. All the little black bits are sculpted so precisely to create that insectoid face. Zamor spheres wrapped in red rubber bands, an air tank holding a pair of fangs, and lever handles stuck inside a 1×2 grill plate are just a few of the many excellent examples of novel part usage in this bug. But my favorite touch is the use of gray technic pins to create the texture of its wings. The stacking of those pieces, framed in black tubing and bars, is an off-the-wall solution to a problem normally solved by builders with a specific piece of plastic.

Insectoïd Glider

The nicest of dinner companions

I love the films of Guillermo del Toro, and Pan’s Labyrinth is one of his creepiest. In “The Feast”, mr_youm brings us a LEGO rendition of the Pale Man that’s every bit as creepy as the cinematic counterpart. Technic gears form a frightful maw, topped by minifigure legs creating the nose. Layers of wedge plates creates some great textures in the torso, and there are a lot of Mixel joints present to make him extra poseable. But don’t overlook the feast itself. I really like the silver carafe design, including that inverted tooth plate for a spout and dinosaur tail for a handle. And the mix of black and transparent red 1×1 round plate in the bowl just looks…eerie. Oh. And there are eyes on the plate. That’s not sinister at all. You know, maybe I won’t stay for dinner…

The Feast

So…that “gears for teeth” thing. Is it a building trope I missed? Because it feels like I wrote about another creation with the same technique just the other day…