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Go for the gold!

Sure we love massive spaceships and huge LEGO dioramas here at The Brothers Brick. But sometimes you’ve gotta appreciate the little things in life. Like this goldfish built by Kashim K, for example. It has just enough pieces to make it interesting; plus it makes use of a Brick Separator so that’s fun. What clever things have you done with your Brick Separators lately? We now return you to your regularly scheduled spaceships and huge LEGO dioramas.

4.10. Goldfish

A hole lot of construction going on

There is so much going on in this LEGO construction scene assembled by Kashim K, and I’m not just talking about the well-posed minifigures. Everywhere I look, there are delightful uses of texture and color blocking to communicate different features in the build. Whether it’s the mechanics on the arm of the excavator, the patches of clay visible in the dirt, or the studs-out texturing on the white building, each surface offers a new tactile or visual experience that keeps the build dynamic. Even the transition from smooth wood slats to rough concrete walls in the pit hits the mark perfectly. But my favorite feature is below the road on the left side of Kashim’s creation. The pipes/tubes (visible in the ground thanks to the cutaway at the edge of the scene) are a strong reminder for those of us in the US to dial 811 before we undertake a project like this.

City-Scenery with a constructionsite