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Signing off from the internet!

There’s an appeal to signing off of all social media and the internet for a weekend or maybe even a month. Some people sign off and never look back. The rest of us might miss their intriguing content or hilarious memes but, in logging off, they find peace of mind for themselves. That’s exactly what is going on with this LEGO creation by Markus Rollb├╝hler. Look how happy that little minifigure feller is; just throwing out that phone like he hasn’t a care in the world! He’s about to go do something totally analog, I can tell. Maybe he’ll fly a kite, pet a dog, listen to some records or even…build some LEGO. Can you name all the websites he has just said goodbye to?

Signing off!

You don’t know jack!

For this year’s Rogue Olympics, Pohaturon has come up with quite the eye-catching LEGO ethernet cable. And clocking in at only 16 pieces, it’s quite the tiny blue marvel! The whole build centers around this light brick from the Exo-Force era, normally used to generate a red beam. But in this case, its shape is perfect for the standard RJ45 connector. The partially-connected 1×2 plate sitting on top if it is the perfect touch.

Ethernet Cable

Antisocial media

In the space of barely 20 years, the Internet has transformed human society to a degree probably not witnessed since the invention of agriculture, or electricity. It invades every facet of our daily lives, every corner of our collective consciousness. French builder 74louloute put together this little scene that reflects our new global obsession, and the way that it seems to have taken on a life of its own: