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I feel the (tiny) need for (itty-bitty) speed

Greyson is writing checks that LEGO alone can’t cash. This tiny F-14 Tomcat gets a little help from the BrickArms monopods so that, even at this scale, the wings can sweep out, just like the full-grown counterpart. If you ask me, non-purism is a small price to pay for functional wings at this scale. But if you’re the kind of builder who prizes brand loyalty, check out some of Greyson’s other microscale aircraft in our archives.

Teensy-Weensy Tomcat

An itsy-bitsy SR-71 Blackbird

Don’t let its size fool you! This teensy LEGO SR-71 Blackbird by Greyson is a mighty recon machine from the factories of Lockheed Martin. Even while working in a monochromatic palette, this plane still feels dynamic, a perfect recreation of its real-life kin. Each wedge plate feels perfectly placed, and the shaping on the fuselage is all the better for Greyson’s excellent use of the katana minifig accessory. I even like the shaping on its gray stand: a simple bit that only accentuates the clever design of the micro aircraft.

Baby Blackbird

A teeny-tiny Typhoon airstrike

LEGO builder Greyson proves you don’t need a metric crap-ton of bricks to build something neat. Here’s an adorable RAF Typhoon built from seemingly just over twenty parts. We salute you, Grayson!

Tiny Typhoon

The Mini Mandalorian

The third episode of The Mandalorian drops on Disney+ today, and we’re already seeing some fun LEGO Star Wars creations inspired by the new live action series. The Mandalorian is on the hunt in this fantastic BrickHeadz creation made by Greyson — once he’s set on bringing in your bounty, there’s nowhere to hide.

The Mandalorian

Greyson did an excellent job recreating the titular character in a miniaturized state, using flat pieces and sharp angles to bring out the same intimidating look that we’ve seen on screen. I thought it was great to see both the Mandalorian’s rifle on his back and his blaster pistol on his hip, small details that I’m glad weren’t left out.