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This little light of mine... is locking on target

I’ve been following Goth Bricks 2000 for some time, and the LEGO mechs they create are nothing short of stunning, both in size and in posture. Recently they started to add lights into their mech models, and the effect is fantastic, adding the perfect touch of menace to take these mechanical monsters to the next level. This latest pair look like they could put the hurt on just about any foe.

Canticle major and minor

Two tickets to the (noun) show

Back by no demand at all is another Brothers Brick post done up Mad Libs style. You can fill in the words and show us your finished renditions in the comments. LEGO (noun) Goth Bricks 2000 has whipped up a battlemech (adverb) called Revenant Sisterhood RD-8 Redeemer. The project took (amount of time) to finish and is using some (adjective) parts usage, especially around the (part of the body) area. A fumbled (website) order made it so this mech has one red “knee” which the builder is quite (adjective) about. Goth Bricks wanted to build a mech that could both walk and (verb) and even (famous person) would agree that this was a/an (adjective) move. I particularly like the yellow (plural noun) and the (adjective) use of black and gray. I can’t wait to see what other (plural noun) Goth Bricks comes up with. In the meantime, here is a slew of (plural noun) built by others.

Revenant Sisterhood RD-8 Redeemer