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This all-porpoise battle mech is ready for anything

We put on flippers to go swimming in the sea, so I guess it isn’t so weird that a denizen of the ocean would put on a pair of robot legs. But Moko has made sure this dolphin is ready for more than just a sight-seeing tour on the surface world. This mech is providing its Cetacean operator with legs, a giant cannon, an energy sword, a targeting computer, and even a prehensile tail that ends in a claw. It might feel like overkill, but when you realize what the sharks have been up to, you see that there’s an underwater arms race going on. Literally, they all have arms now.

Dolphin's EXO-Suit

That is one smart looking dolphin

Sealife is a popular subject for LEGO builders, from the official set designers to fans around the world, which considering the Earth’s surface is 71% water, is no big surprise. This wonderful model of a dolphin by Koen Zwanenburg, leaping out of the water is a great blend of simplicity and beauty, with its gently curving form and some great parts usage, like that Bionicle part for the snout and blowhole, and a number of new water-based minifig power elements used for the splashing effect at the base. I think my favorite part is the hollow studded bracket used for the eye.

Dolphin on LEGO IDEAS

Doing a lot with a little: big LEGO creatures done small

You don’t need a huge pile of pieces or a deep wallet to be able to create something beautiful with LEGO. This bottlenose dolphin by Ken Ito (暁工房) is a perfect example of how just a few pieces can bring a scene to life. The dolphin consists of fewer than 20 pieces, and the base employs only simple, common elements. But there’s more motion evoked with them than you’ll find in many models that are much larger.

Ken’s gorilla is another perfect specimen, utilizing simple pieces to craft the animal’s shape. The head and face are particularly impressive, which really consist of only three slopes, but there’s no mistaking this noble creature’s gaze.