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D is for Dreamland...

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to eat all the cookies you want. And sometimes there aren’t enough cookies around to fill your day. Well, Steve Guinness has baked up a delightful solution to both problems with this LEGO creation. Sesame Street’s very own Cookie Monster slumbers beneath a magical box of cookies that will never run out. With a helpful turn of the crank, Steve allows an endless supply of chocolate chip treats to rain down into Cookie’s mouth from a magical box suspended in the sky amongst the fluffy cloud tiles.

It looks like such a great way to live that you wonder why Cookie Monster would ever get out of bed again. And then you remember, there’s also oatmeal raisin. And snickerdoodles. And gingerbread. And peanut butter. And white chocolate macadamia nut. And…

C is for Seed Part. You know, phonetically.

The Iron Builder competition is based around taking an unusual LEGO “seed part” and incorporating in into amazing creations. brickleas is an expert at this craft, taking a huge pile of 100 blue  Large Figure Part Shield Holder with Axle pieces and transforming them into Sesame Street’s own Cookie Monster. The texture of the shield elements does an amazing job of standing in for Cookie’s fur, but the techniques that create the black puppet-mouth and googly eyes are just as impressive. Even that chocolate chip cookie manages to look delicious somehow.

Seed Part Monster

When I reviewed 21324 LEGO Ideas Sesame Street, I had a few reservations about the look of the Cookie Monster minifigure, and it does my heart good to see him done justice here. If you’re a fan of Sesame Street, too, then check out some of our other featured creations starring more Muppet friends!

Me see Falcon-flavored cookie and me hungry!

Me knows Roanoke Handybuck love LEGO and me sure he likes Star Wars too! Me think he try to be funny and hide me cookies so me be hungry. That’s not good. Me see cookie flying and me confused! This cookie taste funny though, it feel like it has chewie texture and me not sure if me sees raspberry or strawberry toppings, but you know Cookie Monster no care because me love all kindsa cookies! Om nom nom nom nom!

C'mon Chewie, hit the cookie drive!