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The Moby Dick of honey bees

I wonder if there is a beekeeper equivalent to Captain Ahab, forever obsessing over one special white honeybee. Whoever that beekeeping Ahab is, they should look no further than this LEGO creation by Christian Lintan. My hunch says once discovered, this monochrome mech will put up a good fight. It might even make Beekeeper Ahab wish they would have pursued something less dangerous, like stamp collecting. I’m loving those Bionicle transparent wings though. If you enjoy LEGO builds with a monochrome palette, be sure to click the little blue link to see what others have done, including at least one entry by Christian.

Honey Bee Mech

Send in the white dragoons!

An experiment occurred when Christian Lintan accidentally discovered some cool connections with another project which, in turn, led to this. What you’re looking at is a transforming LEGO Gundam-type mech who can become sort of like Mechagodzilla. He tells us he’s beyond thrilled with the result and we agree. Working in monochrome can be difficult at times but the end result is just about always visually striking. You ought to take some time to check out other LEGO artists who have worked in a monochrome palette.

Dragoon Revamp

A mech that bites....with its hand!

If you love LEGO mecha as much as we do, we bet you will enjoy this sleek and noble Legion Royale V built by Christian Lintan. The builder has quite the repertoire of mecha on his Flickr photostream, so be sure to check out his other models.

Legion Royale V1

The color-blocking looks quite expressive, with the combination of white and red proving to be eye-catching. A few trans-purple accents add a futuristic feeling, regardless of whatever their functional purpose would be. The model is proportionally attractive, and the angles utilized give off an air of sturdiness. While the mecha looks elegant, it almost gives off a pirate vibe, but with a Ninjago dragon head instead of its left hand.