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A cute little beaver couple

I always say I’m a sucker for cute things, but who doesn’t love adorable woodland creatures? Kyohei Ito showcases his brick-built and BrickHeadz-sized cuties, and I am just loving them.


The two little beavers are mostly fashioned out of different sized reddish-brown slopes along with a few bricks and tiles. Their tails utilize wing pieces that are turned over – this creates the necessary scaly effect. The eyes for these guys are the same 1×1 printed tiles that are in the escape pod vs. dewback microfighters set. My favorite use of parts here has to be the minifigure scuba fins which emulate beavers’ real-life webbed feet and the 1×1 toothed plates which give the little critters their signature buckteeth. Sometimes a person just needs a little cuteness to brighten their day; hopefully, these builds help fill the daily quota.

Leave it to the beaver

I grew up in the state of Oregon, USA, where the beaver is our state animal. I also attended Oregon State University, where Benny the Beaver is our school mascot. So I guess I have a bias for these buck-toothed builders. When I saw this cute little guy, built by Miro Dudas, I had to write about it. Now, it’s not just because this animal is significant for me; it’s nicely done. The aspen tree looks great and using legs for paws gives it organic character. The most clever part: using leg hips for teeth!


Miro does a great job with LEGO wildlife, like this quiet fox, a curious bear cub, and a gorgeous stag.