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Magic Punk battleship – Theolith

Brent Wolke (aka thwaak) is known for his Magic Punk creations that combine fantasy with the magical. The Theolith is a heavily armed flagship that looks to be constructed on a floating rock (which is fully capable of motion in Brent’s world). See more details and descriptions in his flickr photostream.

3vil Battleship Andvari by Dillon

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new ship in the 3vil faction. The latest is from Dillon:

The skull — a requisite part of any 3vil ship — is particularly well-executed, with a great cannon sticking out of the right eye.

Minerva-class Battleship by Hiron

If he’s not building mecha, Hiron seems to build great vehicles and vessels inspired by mecha-themed anime.

Here’s his Minerva-class battleship from Crusher Joe (Info):

(Via Masoko Tanga.)

Metal Slug 7 Battleship/Tank by cbolego

Looks like this isn’t actually new (based on the hit count in the gallery), but since it’s cool and I haven’t featured it here on The Brothers Brick… Anyway, here’s another strange/cool creation from cbolego inspired by the Metal Slug series of games.