Ken Takeuchi’s microscale Europa battleship has its own gravitational pull

As far as I can tell, Ken Takeuchi (blog) single-handedly invented the microscale space genre nearly 10 years ago. His latest proves that he’s still got it:

The battleship Europa is nearly a meter (3 feet) long, and the interior is braced with LEGO Technic beams.

For lots more photos, check out Ken’s Europa page on

4 comments on “Ken Takeuchi’s microscale Europa battleship has its own gravitational pull

  1. Gambort

    To my knowledge he all but invented it too. I know Soren was influenced by him and he was in turn a big influence on a lot of people doing it these days. Funny thing is how much more different this is to his earlier stuff than most people building today.

  2. Preda

    Wow, what a beauty.

    Even though this creation is awesome, it feels unusual… I mean, it’s fairly big for microspace isn’t it? But I like it way more than those tiny tiny itsy-bitsy ships consisting of five bricks. Now I want build something like this even more, thanks for the inspiration. I already thought ships in that scale were non-existent.

  3. akbar fazil

    I don’t think it’s fair to say one person invented this genre. Perhaps coined the phrase and pushed it into the Lego fan world, but I have been building microscale space ships for as long as I can remember. Minifigs and their world never did much for me. As soon as I would get a new kit, they (and the instructions) got tossed aside and I would make something new and cool.

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