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The Gnome Feast delivers whimsy, honey

Sometimes a LEGO creation comes along and immediately you’re like; I totally want to live here! That’s how I felt when I saw this new piece built by Bard Jaskier. Who wouldn’t want to live in a flower-treehouse among a world inhabited by this much whimsy? I love the sparkling flower, the toadstools, the ladybug, and all the blue tulips. (Or are they Forget-Me-Nots?) As sweet as those blue forget-me-jiggers are, the star of the show has got to be the purple bug delivering honey to the inhabitants to feast on in what could be called…a honey bucket. Heh, honey bucket. Get it? OK, I’ll just let myself out. While I make my shameful exit, why not check into why we think Bard Jaskier is as sweet as honey.

The Gnome Feast - Honey Delivery

Frogs with sausage toes on their feet

Have you ever seen a march of different races of cold-blooded LEGO creatures from the jungles of the land of Lustria? Well, thanks to Michal, now you have. The highlight of this creation has to be the priest sitting on its throne. Have you seen those cute chubby cheeks and that extruding belly button! That isn’t the only creatively used LEGO piece in this creation. It is nice to see the old fashioned dragon arms used even though it is quite old. For the feet hot dogs were used to represent the long frog toes. The foot folk uses a nice combination of Ninjago and Chima figures with grass for used as the tail. If you look closely enough at the chopped-down tree you’ll notice that Jaskier went through the trouble to give the centre of the stomp a different colour than the bark of the tree.

Best not to ask what the secret ingredient is...

Bard Jaskier is cooking up a storm in this Warhammer inspired LEGO build. The longer you explore this build, you’re certainly rewarded with the subtle detail scattered around the scene from the rock detail framing the build to the bones littering the floor. Take a look at the cauldron, an inverted tire captures the perfect size and shape with the snake pieces perfectly looking the part for wisps of smoke from the – well, best not to think about what’s cooking…

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