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An android endorsed by Spielberg himself

In the distant cyberpunk future, you might run into this LEGO android by Joey Klusnick! This build is a great example of using a highly unique LEGO piece to create something new. That camera that makes up the android’s head is the old USB camera sold in 1349-1 Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set from the year 2000. The body of this robot is a wonderfully organic series of wrapped rubber. But here’s the thing: that’s still part of the camera! The USB cable of the camera is (apparently) ridiculously long, so Joey has used it to create all the muscle-y bits this android needs to run around. I also want to point out that the USB plug on the droid’s left arm fits perfectly into a pair of fences. One thing I know for certain is that this droid will always get its shot!


What makes us human?

What makes us human? Or what makes a LEGO creation acceptable? Much like a cyborg, this build by Marco Marozzi straddles the line between worlds, as it boldly incorporates a non-LEGO action figure leg. Better to provoke a response than to vanish quietly into obscurity. That’s sure to raise the hackles on some, but it doesn’t diminish the artistry on display. And this model is wonderfully done–I won’t say it’s beautiful because frankly it weirds me out a bit, but whatever this spindly techno-organism is, it’s fascinating and I want to see more.


What does it take to be human?

This out-of-this-worldly LEGO creation entitled “Trying to be human” by Grant Davis is a mechanical humanoid meditating and presumably figuring out what makes us all tick. What’s the lure of being a human when you can process googol calculations in a second and perhaps never die? It seems way more interesting than a fragile human life that ends so easily. My take is, if a non-human entity is able to figure out and become more human-like, I’d say we’re in big trouble!

Trying To Be Human

Death so flashy you’ll probably see it coming

As this LEGO model by Moko demonstrates, there are three things needed to be a sleek, stealthy assassin. Tight black outfit; check. Awesome hair; check. The ability to get into cool Spider-Man poses; check, check, and check. Not on the list is copious amounts of chrome accessories but this assassin does bling beautifully. With her chrome macaroni headset and the radar dishes on her boots I’d see this android assassin slinking across rooftops from a mile away. I’d hear the schick of her razor claws across my throat and still be mesmerized by her shiny bits as I fade out of existence. What a beautiful way to go! In another stroke of brilliance, her skirt is made from an inside-out rubber tire. It turns out, this wouldn’t be the first time we were mesmerized by Moko’s mechanized creations.

Silver nail