What makes us human?

What makes us human? Or what makes a LEGO creation acceptable? Much like a cyborg, this build by Marco Marozzi straddles the line between worlds, as it boldly incorporates a non-LEGO action figure leg. Better to provoke a response than to vanish quietly into obscurity. That’s sure to raise the hackles on some, but it doesn’t diminish the artistry on display. And this model is wonderfully done–I won’t say it’s beautiful because frankly it weirds me out a bit, but whatever this spindly techno-organism is, it’s fascinating and I want to see more.


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  1. hntrains

    Everywhere else, using different materials, of whatever sort, is natural, welcome, and enjoyed. When it comes to LEGO, it’s sacrilege!
    I’d say some people should grow up and the ability to imagine things.
    A most spectacular build!

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