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Nannan became involved with the online LEGO community in late 2004. He has been a builder for as long as he can remember. Nannan builds in a variety of themes that often overlap with the science fiction universe; other times they are purely made up ones. You can see his creations on Flickr, MOCpages and Brickshelf. In real life, Nannan is a physician living in Dallas.

Posts by Nannan

All weapons online

These two spacecrafts by ZCerberus are geared up for intergalactic war. The missile corvette appears to be an armored and mobile unit with cannons mounted on the top capable of dismantling the enemy from multiple angles.


The battle frigate is a much larger and formidable vessel capable of dishing out a serious beating. Both spacecrafts feature a striking orange hull with white ID numbers. The white box pattern along with the dark orange stripes are subtle but well-incorporated design features. Prepare to be annihilated in style!


A tavern in colonial times

The Green Dragon Tavern in Boston inspired  Jonas Wide to create his own colonial tavern set in the fictional continent of Celestia. It is a place where the latest scientific ideas are discussed and treks to uncharted territories are planned. A few techniques add a layer of complexity to an otherwise straightforward rectangular building such as the offset windows and the use of the gold bars on the quoins.

The Gilded Cup

Going for the strike

This bowling alley vignette by David Zambito captures all the vibes of a classic pastime. There’s just the right amount of details to draw your attention to key features such as the bowling pins and the players. Even the gutters are there to remind some of us how much more practice is needed. Here’s hoping our minifig bowler scores a strike!


A sanctuary in the clouds

Take a deep breath and relax. Anthony Wilson shows us the best views are often found above the clouds. This creation depicts rock formations jutting from clouds built from a variety of sizes of white dish pieces. The composition’s soft pink background creates a very soothing aura, enhanced by the pretty cherry blossom tree. Sign me up for a trip to this spot to meditate and contemplate the meaning of life.


Livin’ in the wild

A LEGO creation doesn’t have to be themed around the post-apocalypse to feature individuals surviving in the wild using repurposed scrap and salvage. Travis Brickle presents a vignette featuring a makeshift shelter made from the hull of an old bus. There are outstanding details that rewards those who zoom in on the photo for a closer look. Can you find the custom built gramophone, easel, and rake? For a dwelling so removed from civilization, there’s certainly no shortage of household items to live comfortably!

Ye olde winter village

Take a stroll through the medieval village of Daydelon created by Isaac S. Here you’ll find a bakery, general store, and even a toy shop. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the gallery where you’ll see neatly crafted vignettes of the building interiors that slide out of the buildings themselves. Just don’t forget to shake off all the snow from your boots when you go inside!

The Streets of Daydelon

Share a Coke with Santa

This holiday season Lasse Deleuran is making sure everyone gets a Coke when his Coca Cola truck makes its way around town. The highlight of the model is the mosaic on the trailer, which is masterfully built with plates and bricks stacked both vertically and horizontally. Remarkably the truck is also powered with a SBrick and can be driven around with remote control. Frosty!

Coca Cola Truck - With SBrick

Spin around in the Christmas pyramid

Robert Heim created an accurate model of the traditional German Christmas decoration known as Weihnachtspyramide, or the Christmas pyramid. It is a multi-tiered structure with a fan on top and candle-holders at the base. When the candles are lit, the warm air that rises to the top propels the fan and spins the figures on the platforms in the model. Although the Lego version won’t do well with the heat, it is certainly charming to look at and a great decorative piece.

Christmas pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide)

Last day to buy a custom build from Creations for Charity 2017

The 9th annual Creations for Charity fundraiser is approaching the end, and there’s just one day left to buy a custom creation donated by fans to support giving LEGO sets to underprivileged children. So far almost $12,000 have been raised. Take a look at some of the great items still left for sale at their Bricklink store. You can check out creationsforcharity.org at the end of the year to see their LEGO donations around the world.

Hear the high tone of the xylophone

This xylophone built by Pistash looks just like the real instrument some of us have grown up with. Although the brick-built version probably sounds different, it still has all the vibrant colors of this traditional toy. It’s shown that LEGO has really come up with a diverse palette that makes wonderful creations like this possible.


Creations for Charity 24-Hour Live Stream happening this Friday and Saturday

Joshua Hanlon and Boone Langston from Beyond the Brick are again hosting the annual Creations for Charity 24-Hour Live Stream this weekend. From 5pm EST on Friday, November 24th to 5pm EST on Saturday, November 25th, you can tune in to watch and participate with fans from all over the world who join the stream to share their creations, talk about LEGO, and do some live building. There will be special guests joining, including LEGO designers in Billund, Denmark, along with other exciting events happening during the show. You can find more info on Creations for Charity’s website.

Colonizing the wilderness

Wochenender presents the first part of a planned series of builds illustrating the colonization of a remote wilderness on a fictional island called Sølvheim. This display showcases the expertly crafted landscape which features melting snow elements — something I haven’t seen explored much by builders, making this an interesting fresh concept. The wooden port and watchtower are the only structures at the moment, but I look forward to their evolution in the upcoming dioramas.

Jernsteinn on Sølvheim - a calderian colony - stage 1