What it’s like to have an awesome woody

For those keeping track at home, (and I hope to god you are) you may already know that I am into cars. Like way into them, probably to the point of cars filing restraining orders against me. Classic American rides are my favorite so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover this glorious LEGO woody by AtomicBuilder. Sometimes you see something so beautiful, you just want to cry. You know? That’s how I felt when I first saw this. I love the shaping, the tires, and how the wood paneling lines up just perfectly. He doesn’t specify the make or model but if LEGO can come out with a generic pickup set then he is not wrong in this approach. I can tell by the Cruzan and Copa de Oro bottles in the background that this Atomic fella is a real class act, someone I would probably get along with.

Thankfully the builder provided lots of photos of this magnificent woody from every angle. And I do mean lots of photos. From every angle! I’d be remiss not to show you this sweet view from behind. That spare tire cover just whisks you right back to the 40s!

Any good car builder knows you need a well-detailed interior and Atomic certainly doesn’t disappoint with an interior shot as smooth as butterscotch. It’s like the opposite of disappointment. In fact, I may have to lie down a bit to regain my composure. While I’m doing that, be sure to check out why cars and other vehicles make my heart go pitter-patter. Pour me a filthy tumbler full of that Copa de Oro, Atomic. because we salute you!