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What it’s like to have an awesome woody

For those keeping track at home, (and I hope to god you are) you may already know that I am into cars. Like way into them, probably to the point of cars filing restraining orders against me. Classic American rides are my favorite so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover this glorious LEGO woody by AtomicBuilder. Sometimes you see something so beautiful, you just want to cry. You know? That’s how I felt when I first saw this. I love the shaping, the tires, and how the wood paneling lines up just perfectly. He doesn’t specify the make or model but if LEGO can come out with a generic pickup set then he is not wrong in this approach. I can tell by the Cruzan and Copa de Oro bottles in the background that this Atomic fella is a real class act, someone I would probably get along with.

Click to see more views of this sweet ride. You know you want to!