Thomas has just got new friends

Do you like trains? Sure, we all do. And Canadian steam engines? Well, those are just super-sweet. I mean check out these great digital builds of U-4-A “Northern Type” engines by Nemowerty. Sure, only five of these were ever built in real life, but that’s no reason to exclude them from having LEGO representation. I love the sleek styling of these 1:44/1:45 versions, and the in-progress view Nemowerty shared is a tempting jumping off point for folks to start building their own.

We’re trying to expand of coverage of great LEGO train builds. Know of a builder who should be on our radar? Let us know in the comments below!

4 comments on “Thomas has just got new friends

  1. Ryan Harris

    Glad to hear you’ll be covering more train builders, here’s a few great ones on Instagram! @revelbrick, @steampoweredbricks, @quietlybuilding, @thebrickfiles

  2. Skes

    I would like some info/rumours about upcoming city train sets, it seems like forever! The crocodile did keep me entertained tho.

  3. TeenyTinyBricks

    BritishBricks builds a lot of nice locomotives. I also see a lot of cool stuff on the Lego Train MOCs Flickr group, that’s a good place to find MOCs.

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