BMO busts a move

From those that joined Finn and Jake for Adventure Time back in the day to those that are just discovering the magic memories of the distant lands of Ooo, the characters will always hold a special place in our hearts. Builder H.Y. Leung perfectly captured the look of the duo’s iconic companion, BMO. This little, imaginative robot blends contemplative, emotional moments with the reckless abandon of a child. This model captures BMO’s character design almost exactly, built at a scale that allows the proper proportions for practically every element.

BMO goes Skateboarding

Beyond being a possibly perfect scale model of the character, the builder included some motor functions with a Bluetooth HUB to add a swing to the little bot’s hips and move their arms. I’d love to look at the interior to see the mechanisms, but some builders don’t like to reveal their tricks, much like magicians. Nonetheless, the effect is an absolute delight that the builder illustrates both on BMO’s killer skateboard and a stand.

The builder was super smart with all of the props, from the classic game controllers for Super Good Boys and Kompy’s Kastle to the killer skateboard with an awesome horned skull art on it. This model is spot on and ripe for easter eggs hidden within its construction like the Nintendo and Mario sets have done.

Given the size and scale of this set, along with the details exhibited throughout it, this would make a great collector’s item. After all, the few LEGO Adventure Time sets we’ve received were quirky but well-loved.

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  1. hntrains

    Very nicely done, indeed! I am not familiar with “Adventure Time” (I do not even know if that was a book, a cartoon, or a toy), but the build still looks great to me – because of how well it is made.

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