The most interesting prom date you’re going to find.

Leave it to Dan Ko to create a creature that takes interesting part usage to a whole new galaxy. Titled “The CandyDate“, this depiction of alien student Dor Zinoir incorporates underused parts like a crab for a hand, Dimensions game pieces for foot-pods, and what appear to be minifigure fishing rods for the spindly legs. There are also minifigure arms, disembodied hands, and Unikitty tails in the mix. That nose is throwing me, though. It looks like a minifigure head/helmet, but I can’t place it.

The CandyDate

Dan has included some interesting biographic info about Dor, too:

Dor Zinoir aka Yellow Claw, aka The Real Star-Lord, aka No Mercy, aka No Doubt, aka Triple Ace, aka Mr Awesome, aka Galaxy Ceiling, aka Top Of The Top.

This is Dor’s description in his social media account. He is actually a senior student and currently is looking for a prom date to take to the Space Jam 2021 party. Dor is a nice guy, loves to read comics and dreams of being someone important, preferably a superhero.

The CandyDate

Dor Zinoir was created as part of the Space Jam 2021 large scale sci-fi building contest. Let’s hope he fits in there. And if not, maybe he can find a friend in one of the other Alien Creatures we’ve featured over the years.

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