The Brothers Brick LEGO Creation of the Year 2021 [News]

Although this year’s shortlist of the best LEGO creations didn’t include a record-breaking number of models, the variety of genres, scales, and building techniques made it particularly hard for The Brothers Brick to pick just one creation. We had to ask ourselves which creation made 2021 remarkable and memorable. The answer is Jan Woznica‘s Tales of the Space Age, which we are pleased to announce as our LEGO Creation of the Year 2021.

First of all, it’s the format that makes Jan’s work stand out. A delightful brick-built triptych is something we don’t see every day. A proper set of builds is all about the suitable format and story, which requires a truly artistic eye. Indeed, each of Jan’s builds is like a miniature painting: the choice and combinations of colors seem impossible within the LEGO assortment, and this is why the final result is so alluring.

The journey started back in March, with Ursa Major. Jan described his work as inspired by the human’s aspiration to explore and discover alien worlds. A tiny rocket launching in the night skies is a strong symbol that humanity can’t wait to grow out of this world. The minimalistic style resembles cover arts of classic science fiction books published in the middle of the last century, particularly fitting here.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Probe followed a lot later, in September. Painted with a completely different palette, the second part continues the story in the same minimalistic style yet depicts an entirely different fascinating world. Usually, the miniature scale and the limited vignette format present severe limitations that builders have to overcome. But it seems that Jan tamed both aspects and put a special meaning in each of the handful pieces used in the creations. The choice and the careful use of the pieces bring these compositions to a whole new level: try removing any element, and the entire story will fall apart.

The trio was complete just a couple of months ago, with yet another peek at a distant and presumably, icy world. There are so many differences between the three miniatures, and still, it’s the same endless night sky that unites all three. Through his artworks, Jan reminds us: never stop searching and exploring. Even when it feels like our homeworld is bogged down in troubles and global problems, there is always a purpose worth fighting for. There’s so much waiting to be discovered out there. Future growth is only possible if we search for solutions and answers together.

The remarkable minimalistic style and a powerful message behind the miniature painting make Tales of the Space Age truly a LEGO masterpiece. Jan Woznica revealed himself as an amazingly talented LEGO artist and a wonderful storyteller, and that’s why the team at The Brothers Brick picked his creation as our LEGO Creation of the Year 2021.

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