New LEGO Star Wars 2022 sets featuring Hoth revealed online [News]

With two new LEGO Star Wars 2022 sets revealed today, it’s safe to say LEGO is paying yet another visit to the distant and cold world of Hoth. The new sets are full of minifigures — both good guys and bad guys — and will complement the new Ultimate Collector Series 75313 AT-AT just perfectly. And while the AT-AT will be available starting November 26, the other sets are slated for release January 1, 2022.

75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack | 105 pieces | US $19.99

75322 Hoth AT-ST | 586 pieces | US $49.99

2 comments on “New LEGO Star Wars 2022 sets featuring Hoth revealed online [News]

  1. John Stewart

    What is going on with the AT AT’s cockpit? The front looks like it got squished by the Ewok’s traps on Endor!

  2. Eric Swanson

    And another year where Lego ups their prices. The battle packs and CMF series have become my ‘weather vane’ on how Lego will increase prices. So I guess another year where I will watch hoping for sales and price drops. I gave them a pass a couple of years ago, attributing the price increase in the US to import tariffs and the like. But the continued price hikes are killing my enthusiasm and decreasing the amount I spend on Lego.

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