Who said grand stations can’t be cozy?

Spanish LEGO fan-builder Lepralego builds one of the cozies LEGO city corner I’ve seen. And it’s not a flower shop or a family restaurant (which are cozy per se), but a railways station, and a grand one! I adore the way the buildings include all the architectural elements of larger versions while fitting in such a tiny corner. Using rail curves for the station’s roof isn’t new, but it suits the whole build so well. And with all the other excellent piece combinations, I would totally still this diorama for my own LEGO city.

1 comment on “Who said grand stations can’t be cozy?

  1. Pat Langowski

    Please send this in to the Lego Ideas program. I would vote for this one in a heartbeat. This is really well done and would look fantastic next to the Parisian Restaurant. Congratulations on such a wonderful build!

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