LEGO Seasonal 40499 Santa’s Sleigh revealed by online retailer [News]

Malaysian toy retailer Mr Brick Hunt has just published the first official pictures of the upcoming 40499 Santa’s Sleigh Christmas set. According to the price tag, the set will cost RM269.90, which is about US $65. Piece count and availability are yet to be announced, but the pictures we have are more than enough to spot a lot of great details.

4 comments on “LEGO Seasonal 40499 Santa’s Sleigh revealed by online retailer [News]

  1. Johnny Johnson

    I LOVE it (And geez, talk about a set that should’ve already existed — as soon as they made the first good version of a Santa minifig), but it needs a helper elf in there somewhere (Which I can easily add, so, not a problem).

    Also, dang, I’m a little bummed out by the reminder that these reindeer molds are totally immobile. Any animal this size should have a moving neck! But, y’know, there’s four of them, at least… could’ve gotten just two, or even one! I’ll count my blessings.

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