A mini Hitachi wheel loader

There are a handful of builders out there that are experts at recreating vehicles in LEGO form. We’re talking highly detailed, true-to-life replicas. One of those experts is Damian Z. and his most recent build is this Hitachi ZW180PL. I have to be honest, I recognize Hitachi, but that nomenclature doesn’t ring a single bell. But what I do know is that I’m positive I’ve seen this exact piece of machinery before. And when you look at the real thing, this little guy is spot on.


Who knew you could pack so much detail into such a small frame? But just wait until you see some other angles. Replica or not, this wheel loader is expertly crafted.


Best of all, it’s actually posable. Yep, that bucket extends and everything! It’s the kind of thing you wish you could reach the screen and play with, isn’t it?! (Construction sounds included, of course.)


Damian has an excellent talent for these types of builds. Check out more of his and other LEGO machinery and tractors in our archives! If farming equipment isn’t what you’re after right now, we also have loads of other vehicles for you to discover!