11/12 Grimmauld Place – transforming Harry Potter build

Accio Harry Potter fans! This Harry Potter LEGO creation from Alan McMorran is a delight. Alan takes Grimmauld Place, featured as a transforming house in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and expertly reworks the design to fit between Assembly Square and Pet Shop. It really does belong on this street from the dog sitting by the door to the exposed bricks to the white windows. When attention is drawn to the top of the building one starts to suspect that something’s a little…magical about this place. The windows look medieval and the color shifts to a somber combination of black and gray.

11 Grimmauld Place with Assembly Square &

The model is great, but this is where it truly becomes remarkable. The building can be transformed from 11 Grimmauld Place into 12 Grimmauld Place. Watch the transformation here.

Steps in Place Showing Storage

After the transformation. The difference in the smooth and studded walkways is a great detail. The skull and snake are very welcoming, don’t you think?

Harry, Hermione & Ron Arrive