A flying Flying V? That’s unexpected.

The Cyber Metal 2, a speeder bike with some highly unusual styling, is a fun creation from Julius Kanand.  Sure, you’ve probably heard of Flying V guitars, but how do you like this flying Flying V? I’m particularly fond of the transparent bright green accents, the speaker cones that double as thrusters, and the use of 1×1 round speaker tiles. Part Doof Wagon, part Star Wars, this build is music to our ears.

Cyber Metal 2
Julius says this creation was inspired by Eero Okkonen, a builder that regular readers of the Brothers Brick will recognize. It’s also an entry in the 2021 LEGO Speeder Bike “Musically Inspired” contest, something made even more clear when you see the bike against this great backdrop.

Cyber Metal 1

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