The envy of all band nerds

In 5th grade, my classmates and I had the option to pick up an instrument and join the school band. I desperately wanted to play the drums but my parents couldn’t stand the thought. My second choice was the saxophone, simply because it looked rad as heck. All those pearl and gold keys! Shiny, soulful, sultry: the royalty of reed instruments… This little sax, built by musician and LEGO artist PaulvilleMOCs , brings me back to those days. It truly is unique – especially this tribute, with its banana gooseneck and other neat elements such as binoculars and a roller skate for sections of the body/keys.

Practice Makes Perfect

I’m envious of Paul and his saxophone, and I wonder if he plays as beautifully as he builds. Back then, my mom took me to the music store where I was already taking piano lessons, and upon hearing the “member discounted” price of a sax, almost had a heart attack. I ended up with a family friend’s clarinet – which felt like a small step up from the boring 4th-grade recorder. But as a dutiful band-nerd, I kept with it until I switched to its cooler cousin, the bass clarinet, in high school. One of a kind in a symphonic band of 60+. Total rockstar… And I could barely remember a lick of it now.

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  1. PaulvilleMOCs

    Hey, don’t be too hard on the clarinet! I started on clarinet and I kept learning new instruments from there. Bass clarinet is also really cool, that’s not one I’ve tried but I have a handful of friends that play it. I’d encourage you to find a clarinet or bass clarinet and give it another shot, I’m sure you remember more than you’re giving yourself credit!

    I don’t know whether my saxophone playing is quite on par with my LEGO building, but I really enjoy doing both!

    Thank you so much for sharing my model and thank you for your high praise!

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