From the Star Wars expanded universe comes the Outrider

We all love the Millennium Falcon and other ships from the Star Wars franchise but it’s neat when someone pays attention to the ships that were later inserted into the background in one special edition or another. My case in point, this LEGO YT-2400 Outrider built by Aido Kessler. It resembles the Millennium Falcon a bit in the sense that it’s saucer-shaped, has circular exhaust ports and pushes the whole asymmetrical cockpit motif to the Nth degree. From there this odd ship exudes its own personality. I love the complex curves along the leading edge as well as the turret cannon. Aido tells us this model comprises of more than four-thousand pieces and weighs eleven pounds (5kg). In some instances this heavy creation was pushed to a breaking point; a literal breaking point and needed to be restructured several times.


The end result is breathtaking and we’re glad he was up for the difficult task. This rear view showcases some added light functions that makes this model truly a sight to behold.


3 comments on “From the Star Wars expanded universe comes the Outrider

  1. Rick

    That looks great! Just FYI, that ship was not a background insert, it’s actually the hero ship from Shadows of the Empire, a no-longer canon video game / book set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Spent a few hours in that old rust bucket back in the day, kinda wish this was an official UCS set (it certainly looks the part!)

  2. Lino Post author

    @Rick I am aware of the Shadows of the Empire game but my research said this was indeed added to a special edition of A New Hope in 1997. I recently rewatched a New Hope and didn’t see it so it must have been one of those blink and you’ll miss it moments. Here’s my source.

  3. Rick

    Sure! The way you wrote it, I assumed you weren’t aware of the awesomeness that was Shadows of the Empire, and thought it was just from the cameo appearance they added in the Special Edition. Just wanted to spread the love if you weren’t!

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