2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 3

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick will be opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. We’ll also be sharing commentary on each one, which will be both insightful and hilarious!

LEGO Advent Calendar

This year we have new Harry Potter, Star Wars, City and Friends advent calendars to open! We will be sharing images of the new calendars every day through Christmas. Let’s see what there is to open on Day 3!

The submersible ship from Durmstrang has risen from the deep on Day 3 of the advent calendar, bringing gifts of goodwill to the Lars family moisture farm. These fun little builds are for those who remember the background details of the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies.

LEGO Advent Calendar

Adam: Microscale for days! Little sets like these are the best parts of the advent calendars. A variety of parts in a clever design never fails. I appreciate the sand tan 1×1 elements in the Star Wars build, as I’ve never seen those particular parts in this color before. Not sure what the brown element is on the back of the ship.

Ed: Star Wars Episode XXVII Scene 2: A counter attack is launched in the battle of Wizards and Jedi. The Durmstrang led by the magic folk travelled across the planets in search for the holy land of the Jedi.Tatooine is the new hideout and training grounds of the most powerful Jedi in the LEGOverse, Rey Palpatine. Little did the wizards know, this was a trap all along.More excellent microbuilds! 10 points each to the house of Mugglepuffs for an excellent ship and the Sithereens for a perfect abode.

Lino: “We came all the way from Harry Potter land. We heard the barbecue is really good here.”

CJ: Another good day for these two calendars – The modified scroll brick is a great way to add detail to that microscale ship, and the Lars homestead is instantly recognizable. (Although maybe the moisture ‘vaperator could have been in shades of grey)  Regardless, both builds have some fun parts that cry out for post-holiday use.

Benjamin: I love me a mini ship, and this one is pretty great. And that homestead looks good, too, though it could use some smoldering black lumps of coal in front of it for movie accuracy. And holiday cheer, am I right?

Continuing the police trend from the City advent calendar is a microscale police station. From Friends we opened this adorable fireplace and stocking.

LEGO Advent Calendar

Chris: Both of these models hit middle of the road for me. I think they’re both fine, but not spectacular. The police station I think will be fun if there’s more to the micro city. The fireplace and stocking is an average model, which frankly puts it ahead of the pack as far as previous years’ Friends Advent Calendar builds go.

Bart: Adding a red half circle tile over a red corner plate doesn’t make the corner plate lose it’s edges.

CJ: Well, at least the Friends door had some holiday cheer behind it. I agree with Bart – that stocking is pretty weak, though – the exposed plate just looks bad.  I wonder why they didn’t go with a rounded plate (35480and a 1×1 to get the same effect without the corners.And City…if I were to see this without any context I don’t know if my first guess would be “a building”. The angled plate may look more interesting than a 2×4 plate, but to me it makes this look more like a very odd CITY Star Destroyer.

Lino: “For once in our lives can we just have a Christmas without getting the police involved?”

Adam: While the pieces of the Police Station look fun, and while I appreciate the look they’re going for, it does seem a little unimaginative since there are several other similar designs used for other microscale buildings in this calendar. The plus side is that you can arrange them into a microscale town. The fireplace is a neat little build, with two pieces making up the flame. I’m surprised TLG didn’t just use a single element for the stocking (I don’t know if one exists) but I don’t regret their decision not to.

Ed: Overheard at the corners of the office, earshot within the distance of the coffee machine in Billund. Designer A: I got to design yet another danged fireplace again. You’re lucky you have the freedom to choose anything you want that isn’t a repetitive object in the City theme. How many kazillion ways can you make a fireplace different? And what’s with the fireplace? Those things don’t exist in modern homes anymore, and more than half the world celebrate the holidays in homes that don’t have fireplaces because the temperature is 100 degrees out there. Designer B: I was told I needed to create a whole freakin’ building from 15 pieces of tiny elements! Wanna trade builds just for this one? I zip my lips if you’ll do the same. Designer A: Done deal!!

Fun builds for another fun day with the advent calendar. We can’t wait to see what comes tomorrow!

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2 comments on “2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 3

  1. E

    Ohhhhh it’s a police station. My nephew (7) asked “what is this?” No idea, buddy. The badge detail brick will be a fun add on for a build later. And I always need more clear color pieces. 2/5.

  2. Retha Faurie

    For me, the winner here is the Durmstrang ship. The Star Wars build is a great and unusual little detail. The Friends fire place is nice, but quite normal Lego advent stuff.
    The city police station is last. “What is that supposed to be?” as a first reaction means it is not a great depiction.

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