LEGO Star Wars 75294 Bespin Duel now available [News]

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release, and LEGO is honoring the occasion with 75294 Bespin Duel available exclusively from the LEGO Shop and Target ($39.99 USD | $49.99 CAD from the LEGO Shop and $39.99 USD from Target). The set includes 295 pieces, with minifigures of Luke Skywalker and his dear dad Darth Vader, and will be available on August 27th, 2020.

Two years ago, LEGO’s first “Master Builder” set 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City included a scaled-down version of this same scene, but this version is more detailed and includes a stand with a commemorative plaque.

Unfortunately, this LEGO Star Wars set will only be available in the US and Canada. The set was originally designed as the exclusive set for Star Wars Celebration, originally scheduled for August 27th-30th. With the cancellation of nearly all in-person events in North America due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this set is being made available online, but only in the United States and Canada.

3 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 75294 Bespin Duel now available [News]

  1. astroboy291

    …. and …. *poof* – it was gone as of 7AM CDT. Good thing FBTB got the news a few days earlier, and I was there for midnight this morning to snag this up! I feel bad for the international community though – this will fetch a fair penny on the secondary market.

  2. Brad

    Wow. I checked the website as soon as I saw The Brothers Brick story, and already sold out. I figured if they were selling this set at and Target, they probably had produced a few more. I suppose if this weren’t a pandemic year, I would never have gotten my hands on this because I would never have gone to Celebration. Still not a great feeling to see something listed online for sale and have it be gone almost immediately!

  3. Robin

    So much for the announcement last May that they wouldn’t be doing regional exclusives anymore

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