Once upon a time 4.77MHz is all you needed to get things done

Getting everything done was possible on an IBM PC XT running at 4.77 MHz not too long ago. Yes, you read that right, all gaming needs, word-processing needs, and multiplayer games meant your sibling or friend sitting right beside you banging on that other side of the keyboard and functioning at the amazing single-digit MHz. This digital render by mrmotinjo is a time machine back to the ’80s.

While you continue to admire the rest of the peripheral devices like speakers and joysticks take a closer look at the elegant desk, which is also built with digital bricks. And believe me when I say those 2×2 tiles are a lot more reliable and lasting than what we used to call our storage devices – floppy disks. Now all I need to find is that turbo button that will get my machine screaming up to 8MHz.