Wake up samurai, we have some hot dogs to burn!

Up-and-coming builder Aubrey Beelen presents a detailed cyberpunk street scene with a food vendor. While the scenery appears desolate, it is colourful and packed with stickers that enhance its futuristic nature. The fun, rugged minifigures also reflect the genre of the build alongside the vibrant speeder. In addition to a detailed exterior, the food stall includes cooking appliances and Power Functions LED lights that brighten up the kitchen.

Cyberpunk Food Stall

A combination of tiles and other parts attached sideways give the street and sidewalk a rugged look. Medium azure presents an interesting look for the road lane markings, which is a colour we are not used to. Light blue and flame yellowish orange create a lovely colour combination, and the weathering takes the detail to the next level. I particularly like the right-hand side corner, which appears chipped away with the usage of slope parts.

Cyberpunk Food Stall

The other building is a sand green, white, and orange container home, simple and angled to appear temporary. Masonry bricks achieve the look of a roller-style door, which stands out from the module. Small things like bottles and cups fill the space between the two structures, where a tree also rises from the desolate dark tan landscape. Its dark blue and magenta leaves remind us of the blue and pink colour schemes of cyberpunk and retro-futuristic media.

Speeder 1/2

Completing this scene is a flashy and futuristic open-top speeder parked on the road. The medium azure is a unique colour choice which makes it stand out from the warm tones of the buildings. The design is also worth noting, particularly the way the large bow parts are used. That rear section instantly reminds me of The Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop, which conveys an anime inspiration for this scene.