One Osprey that won’t get cancelled anytime soon

Are you bummed about the recent cancellation of LEGO’s Technic Osprey V-22 set? Yeah, me too. It’s like LEGO suddenly remembered that they don’t like being associated with military stuff and then it’s no soup for you! The decision has me scratching my head over what to do with the official Red Baron and both Sopwith Camel sets now. Anyway, Simon Liu is not one to let a cancelled set bring him down. I know it’s not the same, but here’s his very sleek futuristic V-42-Osprey in neat olive green with orange highlights. The point of showing you this is, while LEGO occasionally makes doofus decisions, they provide the pieces so that you can build anything you want. Who needs directions and an official set? With LEGO bricks and a bit of imagination, the world is your oyster. Or Osprey.


6 comments on “One Osprey that won’t get cancelled anytime soon

  1. Guy Bagley

    Not all ospreys are used in combat /warfare…… Just seems daft decision to me….. The military use land rovers and the technic rescue helicopter a few years ago could well have military roles too….
    The colours used in the kit could define the use of the osprey….. Just like a red and yellow helicopter kit was allowed….

    Just seems lego don’t have one definitive rule they stick to……. They change like the weather

  2. DCG

    Well, they should cease selling almost every Star Wars set as well then. Only a few sets in that series are not military vehicles or military personnel.

    Star WARS. Hello!

  3. Stan

    Apparently having Death Star is fine, S&R tiltrotor – not so much.
    If Germans are protesting, don’t sell this in Germany and let others have fun.
    And it breaks my heart that those sets are ready, but will now be destroyed. Pro-climate my ass.

  4. Håkan


    Besides Star Wars being “fantasy”, one issue was that the required licenses would benefit actual military companies (which of course someone responsible should have considered long before the sets actually were to be shipped)…

    And I remember some statement that the sets’ constituent parts would be recycled…

  5. Jakub Dembiński

    I own a Lego set, 3 in 1 set with red-white, two-engine, two-seater FIGHTER jet, and question is: HOW ELSE would you use a fighter jet, if not in military role? I can understand Osprey being SAR aircraft, but they didnt gave 4×2 missile mounts and double Vulcan cannons with just jet, i had to add them for the aircraft to fit its role, not to mention alternate way to make this set is a freaking B-25 BOMBER

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