Doggone adorable prairie dogs [Video]

These little LEGO fellers are cute as all heck! In true JK Brickworks fashion, builder duo Jason Allemann and Kristal give us not one, or two, but four critters with entirely different movements. It’s a bit maddening that they make it look so gosh darn easy. These simple mechanisms come together in a fun and unique display of kinetic magic.

Prairie Dogs

Of course, standing still in the picture above doesn’t do them justice. But as soon as you see them move, you’ll be captivated. Click the link below to watch the full video!

The best part is that JK Brickworks always shares the interiors of their builds, and exactly how the mechanisms work. I particularly love how they all come together to run in unison, but not in sync, so that they have their own personalities. I also am fond of the farming scenes around the side of the casework, especially that cute tractor! Kristal (the “K” in JK Brickworks) helps with the artistic designs of many of these models.

You can see all the rest of JK Brickwork’s featured builds in our archives. And if you want to see a similar type of build created by someone else, look no further than these moving meerkats!

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