Modular pinball for all [Video]

Some of you may already know I’m a little obsessed with pinball. I just can’t help being enthralled with the awesome engineering that lies within a pinball machine. It’s like an obstacle course for your mind, but tangible. And nothing makes me more giddy than one made from LEGO. This little machine, built by Dawid Marasek, may look simple, but it has a great asset: it’s modular.

Pinball Machine 2.0

The ability to change the tabletop embodies the point of LEGO. You can alter the playfield to be whatever you dream up, without having to build a whole new machine. Another thing this has going for it is the ability to easily add Mindstorms (LEGO robotics) for scoring and another level of fun.

If you think this looks cool, I’ll challenge you to try it yourself! Pinball machines are a great way to test the boundaries of LEGO in terms of mechanics and physics. Need more inspiration? Take a look at a few others we’ve featured including a Star Wars-themed LEGO pinball table, a Lord of the Rings-themed LEGO pinball table, and even a superb little kinetic LEGO sculpture. You can also check out my own giant pinball machine, “Benny’s Spaceship Adventure,” and stay tuned for more very soon!